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Black Mesa is a 2020 first-person shooter game developed and published by Crowbar Collective. It is a third-party remake of Half-Life (1998) made in the Source game engine. Originally published as a free mod in September 2012, Black Mesa was approved for commercial release by Valve, the developers of Half-Life. The first commercial version was published as an early-access release in May 2015, followed by a full release in March 2020 for Linux and Windows.

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Black Mesa began as the combination of two independent volunteer projects, each aiming to completely recreate Half-Life using Source. The Leakfree modification was announced in September 2004. The Half-Life: Source Overhaul Project was announced one month later.[7] After realizing their similar goals, project leaders for both teams decided to combine their efforts; they formed a new 13-person team under the name Black Mesa: Source.[6] The "Source" in the project's title was later dropped when Valve asked the team to remove it in order to "stem confusion over whether or not [it was] an endorsed or official product", which at the time it was not.[8] Eventually, the team rebranded itself as the Crowbar Collective. Most of the team was distributed across the world and used online collaboration to work remotely, with some limited in-person meetings.[7]

The first standalone version of Black Mesa was released as a free download on September 14, 2012.[16][17] This contained remakes of all Half-Life's chapters except the final chapter set on the alien world Xen, which the team intended to rework for inclusion in a future release, as Xen in the original Half-Life was often considered its weakest part.[18] The development team estimated that the initial release of Black Mesa gave players eight to ten hours of content to complete.[18] Black Mesa's initial release coincided with the launch of Valve's Steam Greenlight program which allowed users to vote for games to be put onto the Steam storefront. Black Mesa became one of the first ten titles to be voted on by fans and approved by Valve to be included on Steam through Greenlight.[19]

At this point in 2013, the team cautioned that a final version was still some distance away, as they were still dealing with the updated Source engine, and they had not yet done much with Xen.[20] Crowbar Collective continued to offer the free version of Black Mesa, based on the earlier Source engine, on their website.[20] With the new Source engine, the team started to look more closely at how Valve had used Source in Half-Life 2, compared to what they had done in the original Half-Life, and developed changes for Black Mesa that reflected what they believed were Valve's design principles in Half-Life 2. One of those was the idea that when introducing a new mechanic, the level was designed to teach the new mechanic without potential harm to the player-character, followed by then testing that mechanic in a more harmful situation to the character.[21] The team also included a brief mention to the long-fall boots from Aperture Science from the Portal series; Portal had come out after Half-Life 2 but loosely tied narratively to the Half-Life universe, and the team felt it appropriate to show the competing lab's technology within the Black Mesa facility from this connection.[21]

Following the first release of Black Mesa, the team announced work on a Definitive Edition, or Black Mesa 1.5, revamping non-Xen levels from the original Valve design to make them more challenging, as well as to take advantage of new lighting features available in the custom Source engine branch the game uses.[34] This free update was released on November 25, 2020.[35]

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Half-Life is a legendary game, a title that was ahead of its time in its storytelling, mechanics, and technology. Graphically, though, it can't help but look extremely 1998. A new, free ray-tracing mod makes the PC original a lot more compelling to revisit.

If this mod makes you a ray-tracing convert or piques your interest in how other classic games might look with a path-traced spit-shine, consider checking out the original Doom, Minecraft RTX, or, back in the Valve-iverse, the free update to Portal. For a more fully upgraded Half-Life (which would be great to combine with this kind of ray tracing), the Black Mesa remake/remaster has you covered.

In 2012, Crowbar Collective has delighted Half-Life fans with release of the magnificent Half-Life remake, but there are still no released remakes for add-ons. This is when we are coming in - HECU Collective are developing the Black Mesa: Blue Shift - a free remake with use of Black Mesa resources and style. We will try to stay as close to the original Blue Shift and Black Mesa as possible. Our mod will be releasing partially, chapter by chapter, so those who are not patient for the full release will finally have something to play!

The mod version is free, yes. The devs made a deal with Valve though (similar to the deal the Garry's Mod dev made I guess) and are going to sell an updated and improved version on steam. Been a while since I checked the forums there, but there is a post about it somewhere from the lead dev on it with all the info.

The Plan:Soon you'll see Black Mesa available on Steam for a relatively low price. But we aren't dropping all support for the free version. In fact shortly after the Steam release there will be a completely new free version of the game. We also plan to open source our maps and some game assets to the modding community!

Purchasing the Steam version of Black Mesa is more about supporting the team and our efforts than anything else. However, the Steam version will include features that the free version simply can not have. We will be paying careful attention to feedback, and you'll have a very real say in how the final game turns out.

It's not finished yet, and yes that's the official site. It will have two versions, one is free (non-Steam), and the Steam version will be a paid version.Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty (Source remake for HL:Opposing Force and HL:Blue Shift respectively) will have two versions, too.

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During the game, Freeman battles the forces of the Combine to free humanity from its grasp. Already famous for his role in the Black Mesa Incident, Freeman quickly develops a legendary reputation among Earth's surviving human populace, who begin to refer to him by messianic titles such as "The One Free Man."

Although caught in the reactor's explosion along with Alyx Vance, Gordon is rescued by the G-Man at the last second, who tells Freeman that he is impressed with his work and has "received several tempting offers for his 'services'." The G-Man finally informs Freeman that, rather than offering him "the illusion of free choice," the G-Man has taken the liberty of choosing for him and deposits Freeman back in stasis until he is needed once again. Thus, Half-Life 2 concludes just as cryptically as its predecessor did.

And yet, Black Mesa has never been about crafting a 1:1 recreation of the seminal 1997 shooter. The project was conceived in response to Valve's underwhelming Source engine port of Half-Life, and Black Mesa has always felt free to take massive liberties when it came to reimagining vast tracts of the game.

Well the free mod version of total conversion remake Black Mesa won't contain such a scene, development team Crowbar Collective has revealed in a Reddit AMA. In fact, it will omit the alien Xen levels of Valve's classic entirely.

The Black Mesa game was formerly known as the Black Mesa Source. It is a first-person shooter game. This is the Half-Life (1998) series of source game engines. It was published as a free mod in September 2012, published and developed by Crowbar Collective. It fully released in March 2020. His game was designed by Joel Nielsen and its access platforms is Microsoft Windows and Linux. The components and effects are redirected multiple times in Black Mesa. You can play this game with one player or multiple players. 041b061a72


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