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Usher - Trading Places ((BETTER))

"Trading Places" debuted on the United States Billboard Hot 100 at number one hundred on November 15, 2008. The next week it moved ten places to number ninety. The song peaked in its seventh charting week, when it reached number forty-five on the final chart of 2008. "Trading Places" fell off the Hot 100 after seventeen weeks.[15]The song was more successful on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, where it entered at number ninety-six. On January 3, 2009, it climbed to its high position of number four, and slipped off the chart in April 2009 after thirty-three weeks.[15]

Usher - Trading places

"Trading Places" is a song by American singer Usher. It was released on October 17, 2008. It became the fifth and prev_title from his album Here I Stand (2008). Usher wrote the song with The-Dream and Carlos "Los Da Mystro" McKinney. It was produced by McKinney. The song is a slow-tempo song. It is an R&B and hip-hop song. The song talks about men trading roles with women in a relationship.

Xiamen has been a trading port since ancient times as well as a gateway of China's opening up and external cooperation. Embracing the vast ocean, the city has hosted visitors from around the world. On a personal note, Xiamen is where I started off when I came to Fujian Province to take up a new post in 1985. Back then, being one of the earliest special economic zones in China, the city was at the forefront of China's reform and opening up endeavor and was brimming with development opportunities. Three decades later, Xiamen has become well known for its innovation and entrepreneurship, with burgeoning new economic forms and new industries, robust trade and investment and easy access to the world with air, land and sea links. Today, Xiamen is a beautiful garden city with perfect harmony between man and nature.

2) Modernizing the global trade system: The president should also offer a full-throated defense of the two major trade agreements his team is negotiating now. Affecting two-thirds of the global economy, these two big trade agreements will usher in a period of renewal and modernization of our global trading system. The last period of structural reform took place before the advent of the Internet and our recent wave of globalization. For this system to remain relevant, it will need an extended period of modernization, as new innovations like 3-D printing and peer-to-peer banking will challenge the current, very 20th century, orientation of our global trade system; new voices from the developing world will need to have far greater influence in shaping a more modern system.

In the context of profound and complex changes in the world, BRICS cooperation has become more important. The people of our countries expect us to boost development and improve their wellbeing. The international community expects us to make our contribution to world peace and common development. We must redouble our efforts to further BRICS partnership and usher in the second golden decade of BRICS cooperation.

We should remain committed to multilateralism and the basic norms governing international relations, work for a new model of international relations, and foster a peaceful and stable environment for the development of all countries. We need to make economic globalization open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all, build an open world economy, support the multilateral trading regime, and oppose protectionism. We need to advance the reform of global economic governance, increase the representation and voice of emerging markets and developing countries, inject new impetus into the efforts to address the development gap between the North and South, and boost global growth.

The past decade has seen unremitting efforts on the part of the BRICS countries in pursuing development and deeper partnerships. It is but a beginning in the history of BRICS cooperation. As I said in my letters to you earlier this year, looking ahead, BRICS cooperation is set to expand and play an even bigger role in international affairs. Let us set sail from Xiamen, join hands to usher in the second golden decade of BRICS cooperation, and deliver greater benefits to the peoples of our five countries and around the world. 041b061a72


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