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Where To Buy Boston Market Chicken Pot Pie

The company responsible for a peculiar lasagna-flavored bloody Mary mix, among other dishes, also has a chicken pot pie. Stouffer's shares that its story began in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1924, expanding to a second restaurant in Detroit, Michigan, in 1926. By 1954, the company was selling frozen food, and only six years later, the Anacapri Inn in Fort Lauderdale, a Stouffer's hotel, opened. In 1992, Stouffer's would sell its hotels and restaurants to allow for increased focus on the frozen food market.

where to buy boston market chicken pot pie

For one day and one day only, you can get a rotisserie chicken pot pie for $4.20. It's normally $5.99. You might only be saving a little more than a buck for a pie, but the marketing angle is priceless. 041b061a72

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