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CentOS System Administration Essentials Free Download |TOP|

Essential System Administration,3rd Edition is the definitive guide for Unix system administration, covering all the fundamental and essential tasks required to run such divergent Unix systems as AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Tru64 and more. Essential System Administration provides a clear, concise, practical guide to the real-worl...

CentOS System Administration Essentials free download

CentOS is widely respected as a very powerful and flexible Linux distribution, and it can be used as a web server, file server, FTP server, domain server, or a multirole solution. It is designed to handle the more demanding needs of business applications such as network and system administration, database management, and web services. Cen...

With platforms designed for rapid adaptation and failure recovery such as Amazon Web Services, cloud computing is more like programming than traditional system administration. Tools for automatic scaling and instance replacement allow even small DevOps teams to manage massively scalable application infrastructures - if team members drop t...

CentOS is widely respected as a very powerful and flexible Linux distribution, and it can be used as a web server, file server, FTP server, domain server, or a multirole solution. It is designed to handle the more demanding needs of business applications such as network and system administration, database management, and web services. CentOS is self-sufficient and fast while working, with the added benefit of global acceptance as a large number of the world's web servers run on it.

Linux administration is about setting up disaster recovery, managing new system builds, creating a backup to restore data, Linux hardware management, managing storage, handling file systems, and managing the security of Linux systems. A big part of Linux administration is ensuring that Linux powered systems are stable and secure.

In the above example, there are 1782 megabytes of memory that are actually free. This means 1782 megabytes are available to your system when you start an additional process or a running application needs more memory.

Most other operations we saw in the section above were on a single filesystem, on the entire tree. As complexities in administration grow with your file system, it becomes difficult to use these options. This is where Wildcards and Globbing are extremely helpful.

Zenmap is the GUI version of the official Nmap security scanner with multi-OS (Windows, Linux, BSD, macOS) compatibility. Zenmap is free to download tool that allows a new user to understand Nmap easily while offering a host of advanced features for expert users. Its open-source, no-fuss architecture makes the tool a favorite amongst the majority of Linux system administrators.

Use the following procedure to download the Amazon Redshift ODBC drivers for Windows operating systems. Only use a driver other than these if you're running a third-party application that is certified for use with Amazon Redshift and that requires a specific driver.

If your macOS X system uses Intel architecture, download the macOS X Intel driver version 1.4.62. If your system uses ARM architecture, download the macOS X ARM driver version 1.4.62. In both cases, the name for this driver is Amazon Redshift ODBC driver.

This is a free eBook to download from GNU. As the name suggests, it deals with Bash Shell (if I can call that). This book has over 175 pages and it covers a number of topics around Linux command line in Bash.

I know that this is a good collection of free Linux eBooks. But this could always be made better. If you have some other resources that could be helpful in learning Linux, do share with us. Please note to share only the legal downloads so that I can update this article with your suggestion(s) without any problem.

The CentOS Project is a community-driven, free software effort focused on delivering a robust open source ecosystem. CentOS is derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and it aims to be functionally compatible with RHEL.

Debian is a computer operating system composed of software packages released as free and open source software and packaged by a group of individuals called the Debian Project. It is licensed primarily under the GNU General Public License along with other free software licenses.

Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux operating system and distribution for personal computers, smartphones, and network servers. The Ubuntu project is publicly committed to the principles of open-source software development. People are encouraged to use free software, study how it works, improve upon it, and distribute it.

Formally known as Debian GNU/Linux, Debian is free operating system that uses the Linux kernel . It is supported by programmers world wide who has created more than 50,000 packages under Debian project.

Lenovo XClarity Administrator runs as a virtual appliance and provides agent-free hardware management that automates discovery, inventory, tracking, updates, monitoring, and provisioning for Lenovo server systems, storage, network switches, hyperconverged and ThinkAgile solutions. A single XClarity Administrator instance supports managing a maximum of 1,000 devices.

Starting with v2.1.0, XClarity Administrator utilizes Windows UpdateXpress System Packs (UXSPs) to enable the update of the OS device drivers on deployed Windows operating systems. Windows UXSPs contain Windows device drivers for supported Windows versions and for Lenovo servers that supports Windows. You can download or import Windows UXSPs in the repository. UXSPs must be available in the repository before you can update Windows device drivers on managed severs.

This download provides Lenovo XClarity Administrator base functionality plus a 90-day trial evaluation licenses for XClarity Administrator features Configuration Patterns and bare metal operating system deployment.

Note: The free downloads for both XClarity Administrator and XClarity Integrators do not include any entitlement for technical support. To gain entitlement for technical support, you will need to purchase a license for Lenovo XClarity Pro per physical managed device.

When you purchase XClarity Pro, the order is fulfilled via electronic software delivery (ESD) using the Lenovo Key Management System (LKMS). The order is placed onto LKMS using an email address for the end user who has ordered the code. This email address is where the Activation Code is sent in PDF format (the email will come from The recipient email address is the login to the LKMS system for administration and to manage the LKMS inventory.

The tool comes with a quality GUI where you can manage patches across all of your connected devices. Scan your network manually or automatically to download new patches. Automatic patch downloading is great for reducing the manual administration you have to do to update devices.

GFI LanGuard is offered in three plans: Small, Medium, and Large. The Small plan covers 10 to 49 nodes and costs $26 (21.80) per node per year. You can download the 30-day free trial.

The customer pool for Red Hat Satellite is composed of users of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This is the most important Red Hat tool that anyone could use. Red Hat Virtualization is probably the second most prominent product of the company that needs to be kept up to date. Businesses that run a mix of endpoint operating systems will have to supplement this free tool with other patch managers.

The Satellite system is able to manage the operating system and software of several hosts owned by an organization and it can also include remote and cloud servers. The system is free to use and is available from the Red Hat website.

SysWard is a good choice for enterprises that want a simple patch management tool with a low price tag. The software is available for free for up to two agents. If you need more, you can purchase a paid plan starting at $2.50 (2.10) per agent per month. You can download the program for free.

Developed from our library of professional development curriculum, SANS Cyber Aces Online is an online course that teaches the core concepts needed to assess and protect information security systems. And it's free!

Popular Linux distributions[18][19][20] include Debian, Fedora Linux, and Ubuntu, the latter of which itself consists of many different distributions and modifications, including Lubuntu and Xubuntu. Commercial distributions include Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise. Desktop Linux distributions include a windowing system such as X11 or Wayland, and a desktop environment such as GNOME or KDE Plasma. Distributions intended for servers may omit graphics altogether, or include a solution stack such as LAMP. Because Linux is freely redistributable, anyone may create a distribution for any purpose.[21]

Due to an earlier antitrust case forbidding it from entering the computer business, AT&T licensed the operating system's source code as a trade secret to anyone who asked. As a result, Unix grew quickly and became widely adopted by academic institutions and businesses. In 1984, AT&T divested itself of its regional operating companies, and was released from its obligation not to enter the computer business; freed of that obligation, Bell Labs began selling Unix as a proprietary product, where users were not legally allowed to modify it.[42][43]


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