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Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Official Music Video)

The song's title was inspired by a radio programme that Orzabal had heard at the time about folk song collector Cecil Sharp. One of the songs was called "The Seeds of Love", which Sharp learned from a gardener called Mr. England (reflected in the lyric "Mr. England sowing the seeds of love").[4] in 1903. Sharp overheard John England singing the song, and was inspired to look more deeply into English traditional songs. The Seeds of Love was therefore the first song that Sharp collected, and the one that sparked the English folk song revival. [5]

Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Official Music Video)

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Sowing the seeds of love (anything is possible)Seeds of love (when you're sowing the seeds of love)Sowing the seeds of loveSowing the seeds of love (anything is possible)Seeds of love (sowing the seeds of love)Sowing the seeds

The 'Head Over Heels' music video was filmed during several days at the Emmanual College Library in Toronto, Canada in May 1985 whilst Roland and Curt were there on the Big Chair tour. It was directed by Nigel Dick. The basic premise of the video is that Roland falls madly in love with a simple-appearing, home-body librarian (played by local model Joan Densmore) while his band-mates clown around. The video itself falls quite in-line with the duo's personalities. "They are very natural, rather funny, pleasant people. They have a warmth. Everyone has friends like them," said Nigel Dick during a break in the Head Over Heals filming. Nigel captured this well in this video. And as Roland says, "most people get (their) videos wrong." Roland and Curt want their videos to reflect who they are. "We're just selling normality really," continues Roland. Everyone's favorite part was filming with the chimpanzee, Zippy. During one scene, Roland was horsing around and the chimp looked at Roland and stuck his tongue out because "he knew I was taking the Mickey."back to the top 041b061a72


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