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Film Ahmed Sa9a Al-jazeera 2 Movie 14 !FULL!

El Sakka's first starring role in cinema was in Short W Fanelah W Cap (Short, Fanelah & Cap, 2000) with Sherif Mounir, Ahmed Eid, Dalia Mostafa and the newcomer at that time Nour, achieving a huge financial success,[1] with El Sakka winning Best Actor Award at Cairo International Film Festival. In 2001, he starred in Africano with Mona Zaki, which made a huge success[2] and grossed 8 million EGP.[3] El Sakka made a cameo role in Rasha Gareaa (Dare to give, 2001) and voiced Milo in the Arabic version of the animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001). His next films were all action movies where he played the main character. Probably, the most famous of these movies is Mafia (2002), which was a big success for El Sakka and is considered by many as one of the best action actors in the history of Egyptian movies. The film, which also starred Mostafa Shaban, Ahmed Rizk and Mona Zaki, grossed about 13 million EGP.[3] In 2003, El Sakka co-starred in the play Keda Ok (That's Ok) with Sherif Mounir, Hany Ramzy, Mona Zaki and Yasmin Abdulaziz. He made a starring role in Tito (2004) with Hanan Tork and Khaled Saleh, which grossed 11.5 million EGP.[3] He made a guest role in Leqaa ala al hawaa (2004), starring Yousra, and a voice role in the beginning of Sana Oula Nasb (First Year of Deception, 2004).

Film Ahmed Sa9a Al-jazeera 2 Movie 14

In 2010, El Sakka appeared in 2 movies, Al-Dealer (The Dealer) and Ibn Alqonsol (The Consul's Son). Al-Dealer, which also starred Khaled El Nabawy and Mai Selim, grossed only 5 million EGP in 5 weeks before it's drawing from cinema.[3] Ibn Alqonsol, starred El Sakka, Ghada Adel and Khaled Saleh, grossed 14 million EGP.[3] El Sakka was a cameo in Sameer W Shaheer W Baheer (Sameer, Shaheer & Baheer) and Ayza Atgawez (I Want to Get Married). He starred in Khotout Hamra (Red Lines, 2012), which was released in Ramadan. In 2012, he starred opposite Ahmed Ezz in Al-Maslaha (The Benefit) and the film made 21 million EGP.[3] The film was based on a story happened in 2010 in Sinai.[8] El Sakka starred alongside Dorra in Papa in 2012, grossing 12 million EGP.[3] In 2014, he reprised his role as Mansour El Hefny in El-Jazeera 2 (The Island 2), which grossed 36 million EGP, making it the highest-grossing film in the history of Egyptian cinema at that time, until the release of Laf We Dawaran (Flimflam, 2016), which grossed 43 million EGP.[3]

In 2015, El Sakka starred in Thahab Wa Awda (Roundtrip) and released in Ramadan. Thahab Wa Awda, which also starred Injy El Mokkaddem, Magdy Kamel, Yasser Galal, Jamil Awwad and his wife Juliet Awwad, was based on one of intelligence stories that happened in 2012.[9] In 2016, El Sakka co-starred with Sherif Mounir, Nour, Mona Zaki and Mervat Amin in Min Talatin Sana (30 Years Ago) and the film grossed more than 23 million EGP.[3] El Sakka's 2017 movie Horob Edterary (Forced Escape) grossed 55 million EGP.[10] It also starred Amir Karara, Ghada Adel and Mostafa Khater. In Ramadan 2017, El Sakka starred in Alhisan Al'aswad (The Black Horse), which also starred Yasmine Sabri and Shery Adel. He appeared in Harb Karmouz (Karmouz War) and Rahim, both in 2018. He starred in 2019 Ramadan series Weld El-Ghalaba (Son of the Poor) with Mai Omar and Injy El Mokkaddem.

El Sakka is a Stunt performer and he got injured in a lot of his films. He declared in Lamis Elhadidy's program Kelma Akhira that while shooting Short W Fanelah W Cap and after he jumped in the sea, the sharks would have eaten him. He stayed fixed in his place in the water and didn't swim; because the shark think that the human who swims is similar to the dolphin, so it will attack on him. He continued that he remained standing in the water until they shot the scene.[1] While shooting Mafia, he cut off his cruciate ligament and got a lot of wounds because of many sand dunes in a mountain, in addition, he almost drowned in a scene, according to what he said in Sahebat El-Sa'da. In Africano and while making an ambush to the lion by tying a slaughtered chicken with a rope connected to a hole where the lion was supposed to fall, then El Sakka will come down to him, the rope that tied him up while going down was almost cut off and he almost died. And in Ukraine while shooting Taymour W Shafika, the fire caught his clothes. El Sakka lost temporarily his eyesight while shooting El-Jazeera, due to splinters from starting pistol entered his left eye, resulting an explosion in his eyeball and its bleeding. He was taken to hospital for an urgent surgery and after a few days, he began regaining his eyesight gradually. While shooting Ibrahim Labyad at the location of National Democratic Party in Cairo Citadel, El Sakka got injured in his foot when he came down the stairs, because of a sprain in his ankle, making the filming of the movie was postponed. The scene of his body set on fire was really, as he was wearing a suit that isolate the fire for 11 seconds. After 11 seconds, he didn't hear the scene designer telling him to get down on the ground, so the scene designer hit him on the head until he fell to the ground and put out the fire. Marwan Hamed, the director of the film, wanted to re-shoot the scene, but in a simpler way. After shooting El-Dealer, El Sakka discovered a cruciate ligament injury that required an emergency surgery, but he was recovered after a while. Also in El-Jazeera 2, he was badly injured.[26]


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