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Demo on Calm3d x Over The Rainbow Singapore

This is a user journey demonstration of Calm3d's mood regulation tool incorporated in Over The Rainbow Singapore's website.

User Journey for Mood Regulation:

  1. User enters Over The Rainbow Singapore's website

  2. Finds a service (above) to relax

  3. Clicks the picture above

  4. Goes through the mood regulation experience

  5. Clicks the "Check In" button

  6. User goes to landing page for the Over The Rainbow Singapore "Relax in Calm3d"

  7. User enters the checking in journal and if required, is able to chat with Avie or find out more about the counselling service partnership with Think Psychological Services.

The above user flow has not been finalised and is still in testing. For feedback and enquiries about this project prototype, please visit

Over The Rainbow Singapore is a leading youth mental wellbeing non-profit organisation in Singapore. We are currently in preliminary discussions to partner and test the effectiveness of Calm3d's mood regulation tool for therapists. For enquiries about mood regulation and tools for psychotherapy, please visit

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