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The Wisdom From Emotions

I started ThisFeelingHuman as a means of managing my emotions and later recognized that there is no manager needed. Instead of seeking to control or even suppress my emotions, I learned to harness the message that emotions bring and to discern the wisdom from the message and experience.

I hope that in so doing, I am able to reframe my beliefs about myself, build confidence and trust in my own inner wisdom. I find this lifelong process to be centering, as a building block to encountering life.

I sincerely hope you find this useful too.

A contemplative life is a life worth examining. We are on all the major social media channels to spread the message of personal betterment and finding daily consolations. Check us out on our social media channels!

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Coaching Through Emotions

Experience personal coaching through conflicts, emotions, beliefs, values and needs discovery.

Ignatius Quek is an Executive Coach working with over 400 organisations / MNCs and their leaders. I practice my coaching as Head of Client Success at the Well-Being Champions Network

Through Calm3D, we are the authorised distributors of Emoli™ Cards.

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About Me

Hello, my name is Ignatius and I am a creative innovator.


Or rather, I gave myself this persona early this year in order to be open and receptive to learning, innovating and being creative in every aspect of my life.


Starting with the granular things like how to exercise while seated in front of webex for 3 hours!


I do this because I believe that in changing my mindset about life, work, emotions, family, about money, I can change my world and the world of others.


So i embarked on a world changing adventure, resigned from my job of 11 years, and began writing about personal development and hypnotherapy.

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