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This final chapter is about bringing the guests of consolation out into your real world. Being receptive to life involves bringing the right environment for life to spring forth not only in your internal realm but having this interact with the external environment. That is where life experiences become rich and helps solidify your state of being in consolation. It also helps to bring the guest house back into potentially desolation triggering events.


Bringing consolations to every day life prepares us for the difficult phone call with a mean client, the stressful presentation upcoming, the fear of losing your job, the stresses of not having enough food on the table for the family. Life is no bed of roses, the rose comes with the thorns and some of them are sharp and pricks through the fragile skin.


We cannot stop all suffering from happening, but we may prepare ourselves for them as they come. The way to do this is to bring consolations through your writing, visualizing or simply narrating verbally to yourself, the real world situation, and bringing feelings of consolation - Hope, Peace, Love or Joy into this situation. At work, it helps to bring Playfulness into a potentially stressful meeting. For a brief moment before the event starts, imagine the elegant Love or Playfulness wearing a big smile, eyes wide open in anticipation, or the refined Peace - nothing shakes her, she takes all feedback in like a wall of rock amidst crashing waves. See them with you, telling you that you are loved and you are safe. They will remind you that you have been through similar experiences and you are still alive! No matter what happens at the event, prior to that visualize first how these consolations would react unfazed during and after the meeting and also imagine yourself being buoyed by their confidence that everything will be fine and life goes on.


Most importantly, recall that the words they speak come from within you, from inner wisdom, and that wearing a fresh perspective may offer ever more insight and wisdom through the event that is about to occur. Imagine yourself absorbing their feelings and immerse with them into the event. You are loved and you are safe and everything will be alright.


In time to come and with more real life experiences, such a practise will ultimately build your confidence in handling crisis and it makes you not just resilient, but keeps you aware that everything happens for a reason, which is to enrich your life and the lives of others who experience your consolations despite these troubling episodes in life.

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Depth of life = knowledge (knowing) + experiencing

I conclude the chapter with a formula. Which captures all that is happening to me at my time of writing this concluding chapter for the book. I had begun exploring my inner world and expanding my thoughts to be open to growth. The mindset was an act of will, meaning I initiated this self-help journey to upgrade my software. Those thoughts expanded and took me to my real world environment where I started adapting what I learned to calm myself down, practices like mindfulness. I sought self-help programs from gurus such as Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins and signed up as a member at Vishen Lakhiani's This started the journey of discovery - where needed fixing, how to fix things, how to install updates in me to be a better person spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and to be more connected to a community

However, these while useful helped me manage my emotions better, they were not hitting from the head downwards to the heart. Wisdom came through the inspiration to work on the guest house project in the dark moments of struggling mentally at work, with what I felt was a barrage of criticisms about the work I did, but really was interpreted as a criticism about me. This is where the information gathered and habits formed started melting the cold heart. At an instance I got to know, without doubt, the fullness of the miracle of who I am, the gifts I bring, the fruits of these gifts which have impacted me, those close to me who have benefitted from these fruits. Knowing gives certainty, casts fears and doubts away from the question - is what I have done right, is what I just learned helpful, should I be doing something to get to the next level, why am I not able to meditate more than ten minutes? 


The knowing is not knowledge. The knowing is an acknowledging of three aspects: (i) my life story - why I react in this way; (ii) the gifts I naturally had and was blessed with or the gifts that I acquired through effort; and (iii) the fruits that have born from these gifts and who I have blessed with these fruit.


Next comes the experiencing of life, of tasting the fruit, of acquiring new insights, thoughts and ideas that lead to more knowing with certainty. Experiencing life is where I recently just started. From relishing the dancing butterflies, to absorbing the smell of mangoes in the forest on a morning exercise. 

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Final blessing

The ending of the movie Soul, asked by Jerry after Jerry gives Joe a second chance at life by letting him go back to earth. Jerry asks "what are you going to do?" and Joe says " I don't know, but I am going to love every minute of it."


It is time for me, and as for you, to start receive life.

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