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Doorway to heaven

In my guest house, there is a backyard overlooking the ocean. Walking from the verandah, out into nature, there is a stream that leads to the bay and you see this expansive ocean that never ends. There is another path which leads to a cliff overlooking this majestic ocean. That is where earth meets heaven. When you venture deep into garden and into the forest to explore, and you find that your path is connected to a greater oneness, the true source of inner wisdom rising from within.

It is my desire for all humanity to be able to tap into this rich resource of consolation. By knowing the depth of our life is more than the finite and limited individual being, but connected to a far greater depth and resource of energy, we are more able to meet with headwinds.

This depth at the end of the equation is the path from your guest house all the way leading to the ocean of boundless energy. That is why individuals may reach deep within and achieve things they never knew was possible. Everyone has the same doorway, the same access and it is freely given. And when we work from this depth, our fruit is well nourished with consolations and in turn nourishes self and others a lot more.

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