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"The first test to be applied by you in determining whether said book, `Lust Job,' is obscene is whether the dominant or most obvious theme or purpose of said book, when viewed as a whole and not part by part, is an appeal to the prurient interest of the average person of our national community. It is not whether it would arouse lustful thoughts in those comprising a particular segment of our community, such as the young, the immature, or highly prudish, or, on the other hand, would leave another segment, such as the scientific or highly educated, or the so-called wor[l]dly-wise and sophisticated, indifferent and unmoved. The test is the effect of the book considered as a whole not upon any particular class, but upon all those it was likely to reach; in other words, its impact upon the average person in our national community in 1962."

I said before that I am not evaluating these shows for their historical accuracy. Shows ignoring history or changing it around does bother me sometimes, especially if a show is very good and ought to know better. The superb HBO series Rome, which does an absolutely unparalleled job presenting Roman social class, slavery, and religion, nonetheless left me baffled as to why a studio making a series about the Julio-Claudians would feel driven to ignore the famous historical allegations of orgies and bizarre sex preserved in classical sources and substitute different orgies and bizarre sex. The original orgies and bizarre sex were perfectly sufficient! But in general I tend to be extremely patient with historically inacurate elements within my history shows, moreso than many non-historians I know, who are bothered by our acute modern anachronism-radar (on the history of the senes of anachronism and its absence in pre-modern psychology, see Michael Wood: Forgery, Replica, Fiction). For me, though, I have learned to relax and let it go. 041b061a72


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