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Daily Reflection - Embracing the Tides of Emotion | Real Stories from Our Readers

Here's a collection of our videos and picture reflections on social media for today. Enjoy your time to reflect and contemplate in your mood journal.

Reflecting on Real Stories From Our Readers

Life is a rich tapestry woven with threads of joy, sorrow, exhilaration, and sometimes, the quiet hues of contemplation. At This Feeling Human, we've had the privilege of touching and being touched by the emotional journeys of our readers. Today, we're diving into the heartfelt feedback from those who've walked alongside us, learning to navigate the ever-shifting tides of their emotions.

The Journey Towards Self-Compassion

Bev Cuayzon reached out with a story that struck a chord in our hearts. She spoke of a transformation many of us have longed to embrace: letting go of self-judgment. Through the resources and reflections shared on our platform, Bev began to see her emotions not as flaws that needed fixing, but as facets of humanity that deserved understanding. This pivot from critic to compassionate observer has changed Bev's internal dialogue and empowered readers like you to look within with kinder eyes.

The Awakening of Emotional Mindfulness

Another layer to this awakening comes from a place of deeper mindfulness. Bev's account of acknowledging each emotion paints a vivid picture of what many of you have felt too: the shift from mere awareness to active engagement with your feelings. Rather than dimming the emotional noise, embracing it has opened a gateway to richer insights into personal needs and desires. It's like finally tuning into the right frequency—clear, resonant, and undeniably alive.

Here’s what she wrote to her feedback:

One of my takeaways from this page!

Do not use "I am" with your emotions, instead use "I feel".

Here's why:

When you say I am angry or I am disappointed. It's like you're declaring that you're the feeling itself. And who will suffer from your outburst? 

Your Family? Siblings? Kids? Co-workers? 

But when you say 'I feel' angry or disappointed. You're labeling your emotions and separating yourself from the emotions.

Emotions are part of us but they don't define us. {I've learned that the hard way.}

We are not our emotions. 

When you learn to acknowledge and embrace your emotions, you'll understand yourself better. You'll start acknowledging your worth, you'll start believing in yourself, you'll start loving yourself, and you'll start reflecting and you'll notice the reasons why you're feeling the way you feel right now and you'll understand the message behind those emotions. 

And you'll learn how to handle your emotions, not ignore them. 

I learned that the more you ignore your emotions, the more it has held on you. And one day, you will explode trying to shut them off and not facing them. 

I know life's journey can often feel like a wild ride on an emotional rollercoaster. But, I've come to realize that this is all part of being human and it's okay to feel our emotions. 

Because of this page, I no longer berate myself for experiencing emotions that are either too intense or too mild. Instead, I've learned to embrace and learn from them, like getting to know myself on a whole new level. 

Thank you for letting us know that our emotions are not our enemy. 

I'm grateful to the creator of this page for creating a space where people like me can explore and embrace the full range of emotions without fear or judgment. 

The journey of emotional growth and self-discovery is one worth pursuing, and I encourage others to embark on this journey too.

Thank you. 

Bev Cuayzon

Transformation Through Emotional Embrace

But the journey doesn't end with acknowledgment. If these stories tell us anything, it's that embracing one's full emotional spectrum can be a revolution. Bev, much like many of you, discovered a newfound wisdom in truly sitting with emotions, welcoming them in as both guides and guests. Learning their language meant learning about themselves on an intimate level, and decision-making became an act of alignment rather than conflict.

Feedback on This Feeling Human
Celebrating the Beauty of Our Emotions

The Collective Resonance of Emotional Growth

As these personal stories of growth tide in, a collective narrative emerges—one where emotional growth influences all aspects of life. The heartwarming and sometimes bittersweet feedback we've received speaks to a universal truth: when we engage with our emotions authentically, the quality of our connections, the confidence we harbor, and the life choices we make, all take on new depths.

A Compass Through Our Shared Humanity

The fabric of This Feeling Human is interwoven with your stories of self-discovery and emotional bravery. Every email, comment, and shared experience not only breathes life into what we do but also connects us all in our shared humanity.

Bev's journey is a mosaic of the collective experience, a reminder that our feelings are far from solitary lighthouses—they are constellations that guide us home to ourselves.

You've shown us that to feel is not just human; it's profound. And for this, we say, share more, feel deeply, and continue to embrace the tides within us. It is your truth, your strength, and your most authentic self.

Have you felt a stirring while reading? Your own story could be the beacon that guides someone else to shore. Reach out, share your tale, and let's continue to weave this beautiful, emotional tapestry together.


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