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Mood Journal: Call To Mission Amidst Chaos

This is my reflection journal from week 1 of my Kickstarter campaign on Mood Journaling Meets Art and I have had a bunch of messy feelings to sort out.

The call to adventure

The initial apprehension as I launched My Guest House Art Book quickly followed by a wave of excitement and enthusiasm as I quickly received support from friends. Then came the endless churning of the thoughts in my mind as the focus swiftly turned to marketing the campaign.

In the quiet moments I felt physically tired, yet mentally preoccupied. This preoccupation led me down many potential outcomes and scenarios. I was traveling through the multiverse of chaos. My mind felt heavy and I was drained.

I was alone in my journey and the roads ahead unchartered.

Journaling To Make Sense Of Chaos
Mood Journal Entry: From Chaos To Mission

The ray of hope

In foraging new lands in search of comrades wanting to understand their feelings and live a discerning life, I met angels. People who guided me through successful marketing campaigns for the Kickstarter fundraise despite several other missed opportunities and underperforming attempts at raising awareness for my art book.

These angels gave me hope. Yet that glimmer of hope would always set itself against a daunting task. I am still halfway through the minimum fundraise and quickly sliding down the pecking order of popular art book campaigns.

Despite my efforts to promote my campaign, I am looking at a lacklustre performance a week into the Kickstarter launch.

Crossing into the threshold

I contemplate the wisdom of a heroine's call to mission. The setbacks faced and the uncertain path ahead. Yet the protagonist through her very identity (of being extraordinary) knuckles down and prods on. Walking on the path.

The tiredness in me grows, yet the identity and mission grows on me. As I wear the cloak of my ego, I bear the cross of walking on.

Yet the desire is as I stay the course, divine providence will meet me halfway. That I am greeted to a light breeze and a pat on the back.

For now, I remain in uncharted territory.

Feeling disoriented: Walking in uncharted territory
Mood Art Journal: Walking In Uncharted Territory

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