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Reflection - How Coach Ignatius and a Friend Led Me to Connection

Here's a collection of our videos and picture reflections on social media for today. Enjoy your time to reflect and contemplate in your mood journal.

Reflecting on The Unexpected Joy of Finding Kindred Spirits

Sitting in that meeting was a bundle of nerves. There's something about sharing your raw, unfiltered self with strangers that feels like stepping off a cliff. But I needed this – to talk, to listen, maybe even to find some solace. I didn't expect much; perhaps a polite nod here, a half-hearted "I understand" there. But what I found was something entirely different, something magical.

Honestly, it was a relief. Imagine carrying extra baggage (emotions) that's just too heavy, and then someone comes along, not just to help you carry it but to show you theirs, and suddenly, you're not alone. That was Ignatius's coaching for me. A group of people, all different, yet somehow, we shared the same heartbeats in those moments.

But how did I end up in that meeting?

A Sisterly Suggestion That Changed Everything

Brenda's sister first suggested I join the Ignatius coaching sessions. One Sunday, while we were gathering for a family (it’s their father’s birthday) lunch, she brought up how working with Ignatius helped her become more centered and present. As we sat around the dining room table, Brenda nodded in agreement, urging me to consider it.

"You might find it insightful," Brenda's sister said, passing me a warm smile along with the chicken adobo. "The coaching offers a space for reflection and growth that's hard to find elsewhere." It was this familial moment that convinced me. The genuine recommendation rooted in their positive feedback made me curious enough to attend my first session.

Why It Felt So Good to Be There

First off, let me say that opening up isn't easy for me. I'm the person who'll say "I'm fine," even when my world is falling apart. But here, in this space, the words just came. It was as if the room itself whispered, "It's okay, you're safe."

Feedback by Jessa A.
The Unexpected Joy of Finding Kindred Spirits

The best part? Feeling understood. There’s a certain kind of healing in being heard. It wasn’t just about dumping your stories out there; it was about sharing and seeing the nod, the tear, or the smile of someone who gets it. We were strangers connected by our experiences, our fears, and our hopes.

Finding Confidence in Shared Vulnerability

Who thought being vulnerable could boost my confidence? It's certainly not me. Yet, speaking my truth and hearing others do just that. Every story shared added a layer of strength to my own. It's like we were building this invisible fortress of understanding and support around each other.

What I learned was that empathy and sympathy are superpowers. Empathy lets us dive into each other's worlds, feeling the edges of our shared pain and joy. Sympathy was the hug we could offer each other – a recognition of "Yeah, it's tough; I see you."

Carrying Forward the Gift of Empathy and Understanding

I walked out of that meeting lighter, not because my troubles had vanished, but because I found a rare space where I could be unapologetically me. It taught me the power of listening with the intent to understand, not to reply. It showed me that vulnerability isn't a weakness; it's a bridge connecting us to others.

If you're ever wondering whether to share your story, imagine the person who needs to hear it, the one who feels alone in their struggle. Be brave for them. The world needs more places where empathy and understanding are the foundations.

Reflecting on that day, I'm simply grateful. I found a treasure trove of kindness and connection in a place I least expected. It was, without a doubt, a profound pleasure to be part of that coaching session. If you ever find a similar opportunity, take it. You might just discover that amidst our diverse journeys, we're all walking each other home.

Lasting Impact and Gratitude

Looking back, I owe Brenda a huge thank you for pushing me towards Ignatius coaching. It was her gentle but firm conviction that led me to leap, and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding decisions. I left the program not just with strategies to cope, but with lifelong lessons in empathy, the courage to be vulnerable, and an irreplaceable feeling of being connected with others. This experience was a testament to the power of sympathetic ears and open hearts. Sometimes, the best guidance comes not just from the curriculum but from the compassionate understanding and shared experiences that programs like Ignatius coaching facilitate.

Message to Coach Ignatius

Coach Ignatius, I just wanted to say that attending the coaching session with you has been a true pleasure for me. It's a great relief to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with others, and it has really boosted my confidence. The empathy and sympathy that you have shown creates a comforting environment that I deeply appreciate. I hope that you will continue to offer your coaching services and help more people like me.

Feedback by Jessa A.


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