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A Daily Planner Template To Organise My Life

In the process of reviewing my year and recalling the attempts at journaling and tracking my mood, I decided for next year, I will create free online templates for myself and everyone to help organise my life.

You can click this google doc and make a copy to start organising your day too!

I will be testing this template out on a regular basis. How I foresee using this is to make a copy of the daily activity planner for today, and export or print the docs into a pdf. Here's how I plan to do this.

How to plan your day and stay on track
How to use the daily planner and mood tracker template

It is 4 simple steps:

  1. Make a copy of the free template planner - this is important for first timers because you would want it for yourself and not make changes on the public document (if you are already using your own copy, then save over the previous version)

  2. Fill up the daily planner to start the day, especially the three to thrive!

  3. Download or print as a pdf file or if you are using your phone, take a screenshot for record

  4. Email or share to yourself or your accountability buddy

Three To Thrive

Why I structure my day placing emphasis on the Three To Thrive. The 3 to thrive is a set of activities I need to get done to make today a great day! It has to be tasks that I need to get done. If I don't, my day would be less ideal. If I accomplish these activities, I would be super satisfied and energised and my momentum keeps going upwards on a virtuous cycle.

I learned about the three to thrive from Tony Robbins when I attended Unleash The Power in 2019 and this is one of many life hacks that have been built into my life.

The trick for me is to start with matters which mean a great deal to me, but are reasonably challenging but not such big tasks that I cannot achieve them and give up. As Tony says, instead of telling yourself I need to go for a 30 minutes run this morning, and then procrastinating and then feeling bad about not going for that run, tell yourself I'm just going to head out of the door and walk a couple of steps.

Chances are you won't be just walking a couple of steps. You'd build on the momentum to keep walking and walking and perhaps that's when it becomes a slow jog to warm up and then your body builds more energy and momentum to increase speed.

This is an example of my Three To Thrive.

Three To Thrive Example
Example of a Three To Thrive

Hourly Mood Tracker

The point is not to track your mood every hour! Yet it is good at some point in the day, to reflect on your present mood, and how you felt earlier in the day.

It is an opportunity to review and recall the day, and to tell yourself this moment onwards can be even better than before!

This is where saving the link to the google docs is helpful or editing off the pdf for a quite update is useful.

Checking In At the End Of The Day

The end of day check in is a great way to recall the activities of the day and ask yourself, how satisfied am I with my day?

I also took great emphasis on distinguishing my satisfaction level for the day from the review of the things that I have done. We are human beings after all and not human doings!

This is also where I could be happy about my overall day without accomplishing all my tasks and activities I set out to do!

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