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Mood Journal: Feeling Free To Create

Today marks the day a dear colleague and friend surprised me by helping me reach my Kickstarter Campaign objective where mood journal meets art. So glad and relieved! Now I can focus on the creative work of delivering customised mood journals using art to represent emotions for my backers.

I'm happy and contented and specifically feeling free! Free to create and free to have belief in my mission and purpose. The freedom is unhinged because Kickstarter is a form of market validation for me, and I wanted to test my idea and how it would be received.

Feeling Happy: Life in a fantasy world
Mood Journal: Feeling Happy, Life In A Fantasy World

When I first set out to write My Guest House, it was a means to help process my emotions. It was a natural evolution of my desire to heal myself that gave me a purpose. Now I am embarking on a life of helping others create healing and finding their purpose. I am living my dream!

Mood Journal: Feeling Content, Like A Bird On A Branch
Feeling Content Like A Bird On A Tree

The happiness stems from contentment, because I no longer fear if my idea is being judged or if market demand for my art book is poor. In this moment, I am a bird perched on a tree branch, feeling calm and just resting in the gentle breeze.

In this calmness, the feeling of freedom to create stirs in me. Like a pianist in flow! Performing his best on stage.

Mood Journal: In a state of creative flow
Pianist In Flow State

This is going to be a fun life. I'm free to play my song, generate my art but more importantly, I'm free to create. Like a tap dancer on a piano!

Feeling Free To Create
Feeling Free: Dancing On Piano

The above images were created using generative AI and they express my feelings. Just like in the Kickstarter Campaign, I use art to describe specific feelings in a mood journal. This helps me capture my feelings and it gives me distance and space from the emotion. In this separation, I become more aware of what's going on with what I am feeling.

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