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Mood Journal Entry - Seeking Creativity

I've been working on This Feeling Human and developing the Calm3d immersive stress relief web application.

It seems a little stuck, and the feeling in my guest house is confusion and frustration.

My path towards building on my passion seemed divinely inspired, that all of my being wanted this so badly.

Yet at this point, the progress we have experienced as a team fell short of my timeline and expectation.

With funds depleting my savings, pressure builds to reach the end goal. My purpose needs to meet the financial resources required to keep motivating the team and for my family.

This pressure has created a desire to "get rich quick", or at least get some funds to support what we do.

To get there, I need to get creative, polish the app up, and get it running smoothly in a all thought through user journey.

In this very moment, I'm uninspired. All I can do now is focus on what I know, am familiar with, and work on the necessary business as usual matters.

In this state of confusion, I'm feeling frustrated.

I'm speaking to this confusion and as a guide to my inner wisdom, confusion is asking me to meet the source of the frustration.

The unbelief.

I believe I'm not good enough to pull this off, a game like approach to feeling calm, and a fun way to be mindful. That's what the app is about.

I believe that if the app is released and there is no demand for it, I'll meet with instant failure.

I belief that nobody will help me on this journey that I'm alone.

My inner desire.

Through this journal, I have my answer. What I need is someone who can help me streamline my ideas into a clearly monetizable path for the very first version of the app.

Wisdom says.

Hope has arrived in my guest house mood journal. I now have a path. Rather, I am back on my path.

My actions have to be purposeful and to seek the one core feature to string the Calm3d Meditations and Mood Regulation tools into an aligned game play where the user would love to come and relax in repeatedly.

Where it is easy, fun and calming to meditate, to be mindful, to breathe. Most importantly, an app where you aren't even thinking of meditating and it isn't a chore.

Subconsciously the user is living mindfully, feeling calm by having the app accompanying through life's struggles and delights.

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