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Can music relieve stress?

Yes indeed music is a powerful tool for stress relief and there is a wealth of research in this topic that suggests the effectiveness of music to feel calm and relaxed, to reduce stress and to lower anxiety.

How does music help to relief stress?

Our body's response to music depends on the type of music. An upbeat and chirpy music can increase feelings of optimism, hope and cheerfulness. It also depends on how captivated or interested we are on the music we listen to.

For stress relief, a calming music helps to reduce cortisol levels and heart rate, which induces relaxation. Research by Stanford University have also linked slow paced 60 beats per minute music to the induction of relaxation. The research found that alpha brain waves were induced and in sync with the music beats.

Hence, there are many YouTube and Spotify music playlists for alpha brain waves.

Immersive environment for relaxation

This is why we have designed an environment using VR for relaxation using music and calming visuals to bring you into a world of rest and calm. Visit to calm down and concentrate at work or studies.

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22 dic 2022

Yes. Music can change our mood, especially when we're feeling down. It can soothe a heavy heart and lift our spirits.

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