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Immersive & Relaxing Music For Work & Study

Science based approaches to heighten the sensory experience of relaxation to calm down and maintain high levels of performance and trigger flow state.

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Research Based Stress Relief Method

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3 Steps To Relax & Focus In Study & Work

Rock in Sand


Mood Regulate



Top of the mountain


Anchor In Resourcefulness

Immerse in calmness through sight, sound, movement in a virtual & breathing environment

Immersive environment & handpicked music for focused attention

Anchor in resourceful states of concentration & empowerment

Focus Better With Music For Work Or Study

This is a browser based web-application designed to bring out the immersive VR experience with or without a VR goggle. Use it while studying or working on a project.


1. Put on earphones and/or VR goggles if available

2. Follow the breathing guide for a 1 minute calming down meditation

3. Choose audio options (ambient music, voice guide, ASMR sound effects)

4. Choose breathing method (pick box breathing if you feel stressed)

Science Based Approach To Relaxation Music

Using 360 videos along with ASMR sound effects and specially curated music helps to induce a multi-sensory experience to calm down, focus and feel at peace. This helps create an environment of focused attention.

As you work or study while listening to the music, there are options for Voice narration. The voiceover guided meditation is designed with a specific purpose of entering into a calm state, or to visualize a confident state which is called a Resource State so that you can feel anchored in this powerful feeling.

As you continue studying, the momentum builds confidence and a virtuous cycle builds around your self belief, that you can increasingly overcome challenges and build resilience and grit.

This is also an invitation for the body and mind to narrow its focus on the task at hand, building in momentum and being in the zone, also known as in a state of flow. 

Our music is designed to be at 55 to 65 beats per minute which helps induce alpha brainwaves for calm and relaxation. This is a research backed approach based on findings by researchers at Stanford University. More about this is available on our blog post "Can music relieve stress?".

Feedback Mood Journal 

Our application is free to use and we are constantly improving on our service because we believe in the power of harnessing our emotions, including stress, and to transform our environment into a conducive one that while get us to a higher level of performance.

Hence, we would like your input to help us get better and better. Please share your feedback, thank you.

Guided Visualization: Anchor In Bliss

It is break time, and you'd like to relax and feel blissful. Take some time off to listen to my guided visualization to anchor in the resourceful state of bliss. Recall a pleasant experience you had recently or as far back in time as you feel inspired to go. Use the breathing and the audio guide to lead you into a deep relaxation.

Anchor in hypnosis


Graphic Spiral

Vertyces YC

I was amazed how I could quickly use the visuals to redirect my focus positively.

finished painting


The mood regulation video was quick and effectively calmed down within the first minute

Rock Balancing


I felt drawn into nature, captivated by its beauty. I was quickly able to shift states and feel good about myself once again.

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