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Kensho, Satori and God, in All Things

I begin this post with a reflection of 2 concepts from the chapter 5 of My Guest House - My Shadow Protects Me. In these concepts, I briefly explained that any person can grow from pain and from inspiration. Indeed the cycle of struggling well as billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio describes, is a way of life. I also wrote of an Ignatian concept of meeting (finding) God in all things. God is in all aspects of our being, in any situation He is there. Yet here we are, in the midst of despair and extreme desolation, we tend to see ourselves as being alone, trapped and helpless (or at least whatever we do will be futile).

For those who identify with what I said, I encourage you to close your eyes, calmly breathe in 4 equal counts, and exhale in 4 equal counts. Visualize how you were 3 years ago, and what challenges you faced, how did you feel in those challenges? How have you grown or grown up? How have your shadow served you or what did it protect you from?

If you are struggling right now, where you are yesterday, where you are now, maybe a dead end to you. You may feel like you are at the edge of a cliff, fighting on for survival. You may also be considering jumping off the cliff.

Yet as you are, wherever you are, think back to your past desolate experiences. Have you "survived"? Your shadow may have just kept you alive, but all is not lost. Seek God in this situation, visualize the guest house with a consolation accompanying you. Seek out the wisdom from your negative thought spirals.

Remember, as you have grown from pain, you may grow much faster from the inspiration and wisdom if you discern and examine the painful feelings and raw tender emotions. God bless you, and may His light shine upon you.

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