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Letting Go of the Energy of Desire

I woke up to the thought that our Vietnamese partner is unwilling to do the deal. I looked deeper into why the message continues daily and upon waking. I feel deflated. Yet I am feeling like this is a season of accepting, of letting things go, to lose control is the wisdom that comes from within. I recognize fully my desire to make things work, my helplessness in this situation, and send it forth as dust in the wind.

I invite Peace to my day, in this morning calmness, while I type my journal, my son is having his breakfast. I am stealing precious quiet time while my wife is keeping him company. This is a time for Peace to enter our day, to help me experience this letting go moment. We type together. One thought, one only. Which is to fully experience the desire, and embrace its intensity. Peace invites me to look between the palms of his hands, there is a gap of space. He fashions it into a ball of orange energy. This represents my desire, an intense red pulsing ball of desire. This is the energy that motivates me at work on the project, and without which I had felt deflated. I focus my gaze on the ball of energy, wondering what about the desire which provided me so much energy and where did that all go to. can I in another form of desire keep this energy growing and going?

At this thought, Peace invited me to an ever present stillness, my breath. He said, with each exhale, blow at the ball of red energy, letting that go into the wind. This symbolizes a new season. A season of restful peace, and to focus on letting go rather than to hold on. It is truly in this exhale that I lose my sense o control and fall into a deep relaxed state.

I'm at peace.

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