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Tools For Counselors And Psychotherapists

Emotional triggers may occur at any point in time. One of the biggest pain point for any counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist or life coach is that the client faces triggers between sessions and are unable to seek timely help.

It takes time, effort and a willingness to work together with the therapist before any client builds a positive habit of doing the CBT or any other suggested homework.

Before a client is resilient enough, a trigger hits and a setback occurs. Bernadette, my wife and business partner, understood this acutely because of her work on trauma and inner child healing.

Hence we got together to find a solution.

Building Trust, Connection And Therapeutic Alliance

Tools For Psychotherapists
Building Therapeutic Alliance

Introducing Calm3d, an immersive tool for mood regulation and stress relief. We help therapists and mental wellbeing practitioners extend the therapeutic alliance with their clients by. giving them a means to calm down when they need to.

This tool can be embedded into your website, or as a mobile app "panic button" to reach out to mood regulate, journal, be inspired, and most importantly, to contact you when there is a need to.

Emotional Regulation Tool For Students

View our demo, Calm3d on Campus which is designed for mood regulation for university students facing stressful deadlines.

Free Tool For Counselors & Therapists

In addition to our 3 months free trial usage, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee and 12 months free paid advertising campaigns for your private practice for annual membership customers.

This means that your investment is essentially free and will multiply your service quality to clients while building trust and rapport with them.

Tools for Psychotherapy

Calm3d provides additional tools besides mood regulation for psychotherapy practitioners. These can be branded and customised for your needs.

Such tools include journaling templates, guided breathing exercises and the immersive VR experience for sensorial stimulation.

We will also provide up to 2 of your own assignments or homework templates, included in the webpage for you.

Meditation or Guided Visualisation Scripts

Hypnotherapists may select from a wide selection of hypnosis scripts or guided visualisations. If you have a script, we can personalise an audio recording for you for a fee.

Contact us now to receive your one-time 3 months free trial or enquire about our 12 months free tools. Simply fill up this form and we will get in touch.

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