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Something Good In Every Day

This is a short reflection on the quote by Alice Morse Earle, Every Day May Not Be Good, But There Is Something Good In Every Day. Alice Morse Earle was an American writer born in 1851, who wrote as a historian about the homely details of daily life.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." - Alice Morse Earle, writer, historian


Feeling at peace, can be in a horrible day, a temporary reprieve. Just like a peace treaty or ceasefire during times of war. At any moment there is Peace in your day, invite yourself to a momentary awareness, a reprieve from the troubles of this world. Rest in the something good that has just arrived, a breath of fresh air, the floating clouds, the moment's silence, the space between tears.

Despite your circumstance, what is the something good in your day?

Peace be with you.

Checking in

This is my topic for today's contemplation - every day life. I start off by checking in, to describe my morning as a frustrating start. I am recovering from flu, and could not sleep well. Yet my son's breakfast and lunch had to be prepped before he left for school. However, the fella had slept late and woke up grouchy and made a fuss about everything including not wanting to go to school. Between trying to breathe through my congested nose, making sure things were in order before sending off to school and listening to a frustrated child whining and fussing, I took on his frustration and yelled at him.

Here we go again... was the thinking. The past thoughts of struggling to get him to school, hurting himself in the process of resisting, and the fear of my wife getting stressed and frustrated as well, all these kicked in.

Only today was not the same as any other bad day. I realized that over the course of parenting him through the terrible twos, I had grown resilient, more present to his needs and mine. Perhaps the need for both of us to be calm and happy prompted me to calm down when we reached the car. Perhaps the change of environment helped. Perhaps I have grown accustomed to his wailing. Perhaps it was more than all of these, perhaps it was from beyond.

As I was when driving home after sending him to school, I was thinking and ruminating about how I could have done better. I looked up at the clouds in the clear sky above me and in that moment, I saw two clouds looking like gentle outstretched hands, ushering in love and peace.

This is the inspiration for today's messiness, that there is a moment's peace that overtook my mind, and warmed my heart.

Peace be with you.

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