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When will you come to your senses?

"When will I ever come to my senses?"

If this question is a familiar one, I promise the contemplation will be refreshing. The question when will one come to one's senses ignites this fundamental belief that there is a need to revert to a fundamental truth about how things should be done. Perhaps when asking this question, you may be beating yourself up for taking a repeated action, or having a set of beliefs and thoughts that led to a repeatable pattern of action and/or behaviors which post-event, is judged by others and/or yourself as illogical, wrong or simply stupid.

I hope that if you are beating yourself up by asking this question, allow the anger, the frustration, the self-blame to surface. Let each emotion enter the guest house and let them express themselves, even if they wreck havoc to your inner world.

Let the dust settle, and ask yourself again, "When will I come to my senses?"

This second ask, is to ask for space. For the muddy water to settle, and for all of us to fully engage our 7 senses - sight, sound/hearing, smell, taste, touch, movement and body awareness.

This question invites us to use our breath to fully experience the miracle of life. The touch of the surfaces where we are, grounds us to a connectedness with mother earth, with all humanity, with a greater collective consciousness.

The movement and sense of balance that we have, allows us to know where we are in the midst of this troubling thought or situation, that we are here (and now) in the present moment.

Our ability to immerse into a rich sensory experience, allows us to see the anger, the frustration, to hear its message, and to feel the energy bottling in those emotions. All these combined, gives us the wisdom we need from the emotions, to desire change.

Come to your senses. Come to fully engage the emotions. Come to experience the fascination of our temporal existence, that everything is a gift, even this season of pain, of despair.

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